Down to Denver

Had a great day with Dad yesterday. We had a morning of chores (tg, found a mac repair shop that didn’t cost a pot of gold), and then went to Las Delicias (Elaine, didn’t see you there??). Drove over to the house I grew up in (Park Hill). Very funny. Dad was too embarassed, but I asked the current owners if I could take a look inside. They had it in showroom condition, and the renovations done since we were there were great.

Then over to the Museum of Natural History to meet Reb and Eli.

Iconic Denver view from the top of the museum.

For Dog Lovers

Dad and I spent the last few days down in Boulder, with Rebecca, Eli, and Kaziah. (Kylie and Rick off doing other things.) Thought I’d introduce the dogs in my Colorado life.

Annie is D&K’s dog. She’s lovely, lovely. These two shots of Dad and I were taken in their new cottage garden. I tried to get one of Kathy, but to no avail.

Shiloh is the eldest of Reb’s pack, the ‘old man’. He’s a Standard Poodle for those of you who didn’t already know that by looking at him (I didn’t). He’s gentle, and kind, and these days slowing down.
Kiri is second in line in the pack. Ellie, his playmate and also a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, passed away just a bit ago, so both Kiri and the family have been sad. However, when we visited, it looked like Kiri was beginning to perk up again.

Bernie is the newest addition, just 10 weeks old. Everybody is madly in love with her, and why not?

And here is the pack together, all vying for treats from Reb. Very cute.

First Bike Ride

Hey, made it to Colorado, and thought I’d post pics from my first bike ride up to Silverplume. Jet lag and altitude combined to give me an easy excuse to stop and take photos. It’s only 9ks, very short but uphill.

Stopped first at the small info centre on Main Street to get some water (doh, that would be the jet lag. Well, that’s the excuse).
You ride up past the Georgetown depot and go under the Georgetown Loop railroad bridge.
A couple of typical views…
Up past Silverplume, rode past this surfer. Big grin. Told him the Aussies I knew would get a kick out of this, but that they wouldn’t be able to handle the mountain stream temps!
And finally, right in Plume, saw this car. Would love to have the cash to buy and restore it!