This part is hard, isn’t it? Too wordy, too brief, too boring?
Raised in Texas and Colorado. University in Colorado, Montana, and Berlin. IT jobs in Berlin and Brisbane, Australia (where I now live).

I currently work as a software engineer for Red Hat (which is has to be one of the coolest companies on the planet, seriously).

Love Mexican food, peppermint ice cream, water, mountains, and camping. Very rainbow, left on almost any scale, have two lovely greyhounds, and live in a house that feels like a treehouse.

Tuning forks? I believe that humans are like tuning forks. We, each of us, have an inherent, unique sense of truth and beauty. We strive towards this exact tone, all our lives. We are unhappy if we stray from the path, happy if we are paying attention.
Also. The universe is my friend. This is a choice.


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